Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Proposal Story Part II

Here we go.  If you missed Part I go here.  So we were on our to the downtown riverfront.  Hair clip and all.  We park near the Pagoda, and as we are walking up I see a car that looks like my sister's car, but I still didn't think anything of it...it's just another car.  We walk a little bit then we decide to sit on a bench for a minute.  Kelly is texting who I thought was his dad or his friend, who were both supposed to be coming to our house that day.  Then Kelly decides it's too bright where we are sitting, so we start walking again. 
He said it was his dad that he was texting, and that he was on his way to our house.  I asked if we needed to go back since his dad was on his way and Kelly said no.  He  wanted to finish our walk first.
So here we are walking down the boat ramp.

We stop at the bottom.  I sit on a ball (you'll see what I mean in a second), and it was way too hot so I stood back up.  There is a patch of broken glass, dirt, and cigarette butts where we stopped so Kelly walks a little further, acting like he wants to turn around, then says let's keep walking. 
Then we stop again. 

I apologize for being so uncooperative and stubborn all week. 

Then he reaches in his pocket....

And pulls out a Ziploc bag with a shiny, sparkly ring inside....And I can't breathe.  And he says something like, "Well, I have something to ask you."  Because really there is no smooth way to transition to the question "Will you marry me?"
He gets down on one knee, and I think I kept saying "Oh my god.  Oh my god.  Oh my god."

I could not have been more surprised!  This was not on my mind at all.  At least not on this.  You can see the shock in face, judging how my profile looks slightly similar too a Scream mask. 

So I said yes of course.  And then he goes to see if the ring fits.  You can kind of see the panic in his face in the picture below.  He goes from beaming to serious face.  Don't worry it fits perfect, its just a little tight over the knuckle, which means it won't fall off!

Here I am, forcing it over my knuckle.

Then I have to stare at it and touch it and make sure that this is real life.

Then he had to make sure I said yes so I said yes again!
And now we are engaged!!!!...
But that is not the entire story so stay tuned for Part III

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Exciting News!!!

So as you probably figured out, I pretty much gave up on blogging for this summer.  It has just been WAY to busy. 
But I had to come back today to tell you one thing...
Kelly and I are ENGAGED!
I can't believe it.  I'm still in shock.  Holy moly.  Is this real life?!
I am beyond excited and I can't wait to start planning!
Here's our proposal story:

Part I of III
So all week I was crazy stressed and busy planning for my sister's bridal shower on Sunday.  We were making food, decorations, packing things up, not mention I also had two painting parties to prepare for and I was working at the salon all day every day.  I was CRAZY I tell ya. 
So at the same time Kelly keeps saying how we need to clean the house, and me being the stubborn person that I am, I was having trouble understanding why we need to clean and pick up the house. No one was coming over.  No one was going to see anything in our house, so why do we need to clean when I have so much other stuff going on?!
So fast forward to Sunday, Kelly helped us set up for the shower, and then he left.  Then he came back to pick me up when it was over.  The shower was a complete success by the way.  I can wait to show pictures!
So after the shower Kelly wanted to go get ice cream.  I did not really want ice cream because I had eaten a cupcake and fruit pizza at the shower, and I had also been drinking mimosas all day. But since I had been so stubborn all week, I just went with it.  On the way to Orange Leaf he turned onto the wrong street, so we turned around and got back on track.  When we got to the parking lot he turned the wrong way again!

So we finally get in there, and I make myself the tiniest dab of frozen yogurt there ever was...like 3 bites worth.  Meanwhile Kelly filled up his entire bowl and then some.  It was heaping, and you know how big the bowls are serve yourself frozen yogurt places are.  I finish mine in about 2 minutes and Kelly takes about 20 to eat half of his then decides he doesn't want anymore and throws it away.

(So far this story seems pointless, but I promise it will all add up)

We got in the car and drove away and came to a stoplight where we would normally turn north, but he got in the lane to turn south.  I asked what he was doing, and he said he wanted to go for a walk on the river.  I was slightly puzzled because I am the one that always wants to do that, not him.  Also my feet were absolutely killing me and it was the hottest day of the year.  I was sweaty.  I had my hair twisted up in a old clip.  It was not attractive.  I was exhausted.  But again, I was trying not to be stubborn, so I just went with it. 

And that's it for today.  Stayed tuned for Part II!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Nothing Better

There really is nothing better than camping and good music.  That's what my weekend consisted of.  I spent last week  in Indy for a teacher's union conference.  My sister graciously let me stay with her, and we had some much needed sister time!  Friday night Kelly and our friends drove up to meet me and Saturday morning we headed out to the campgrounds for our annual Dave Matthews concert. 
We started out by going to Matt the Miller's Tavern on Friday night for good food and yummy drinks!

Saturday morning we headed out to the campsite to set up.  Some would ask if it's worth it to lug all the camping stuff and spend time setting it all up for one night, but I think they have never been or that wouldn't be asking that question.  :-)
Also I'm not naked.  (Bandeau top gets me everytime)

 That's my boy...always eager to have his picture taken.
The beer pong champs.

The beer pong losers.  Someone was not as excited to lose as I was.

 This is probably the only concert that I will ever go to where wearing makeup is not a priority and looking cute is not necessary.  Everyone is sweaty and dirty from being outside all day.  No one cares what they look like.  It's the best thing ever!
DMB love!  He played for almost 4 hours.  Pretty sure it was the best Dave weekend yet!

We got home just in time for the soccer game, after a 3 hour nap of course!

Have an AWESOME week!
Dateless in Dallas


Friday, June 20, 2014

Big Apple Love

I'm back from New York and oh my goodness I loved it!  Going into this trip I honestly didn't think I would be a big fan.  It just seemed like it was going to be very stressful and busy with 12 people.  It was definitely busy, but not stressful at all!  I'm ready to go back anytime!

Just a side note...This post took me a week to write de to the obscene amount of pictures I had to sort through and upload!  So here it is...FINALLY!

Kelly's cousin and I waiting at the airport.  We had a wedding the night before so I was feeling a little under the weather...

Nothing a Bloody Mary couldn't cure!

We had dinner at a little pub upon our late arrival.

The new transportation hub at the World Trade Center.  It most definitely looks like an armadillo.

We took a walking tour around the World Trade Center Plaza.  Our tour guide used to work in a building that was right across the street from the World Trade Centers, so it was really meaningful to hear his first-hand account of what happened that day.

One World Trade Center.  We never did get to see  the top of it because it was foggy the whole week!

The Survivor Tree.  The only tree left standing after 9/11.

Kelly and I snuck off to a café for a Panini and a beer.  Something we did not regret!

Trinity Episcopal Church.  The oldest church in New York.  Also the oldest graveyard.

I stood in the same spot as the queen!
Next we were off to Wall Street to see the bull!  Oh how I love Snapchat!

This is the statue that was formerly in front the World Trade Center.  It's a little mangled, but it's surprising how together it still is! It now sits in Battery Park, where you get on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.


On the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.

It was actually a lot smaller than I imagined it to be.

Times Square.

P.s.  Do you like my hair in all of these pictures? I only brought products to straighten my hair because it took up less room in my suitcase.  It turns out straight hair and New York don't mix.  It's way too humid! 

We went to the Cake Boss Café for some cannolis!

It was SO good!

The next morning we got up bright and early and walked down to the Today Show! 

We really wanted to have a sign but there was no poster board to be found in New York City.  We ended up with a dry-erase board.  Then once we got into the Plaza we realized that they have poster board and markers there!
We had a few brief sightings on TV when they scanned the crowd, but my real excitement came from meeting and taking pictures with my favorite news anchors!  Words cannot explain my excitement, especially when Hoda walked right behind us!

This sandwich.  I died.  Carnegie Deli is famous for their corned beef and pastrami, and also their giant portions!  This pastrami sandwich consisted of meat and bread...No cheese, no sauce, no anything.  It was quite possibly the best sandwich I ever ate.  I did order some Russian dressing on the side, but the MEAT.  I'm drooling.
The view of the Empire State Building from our hotel room.

Getting ready to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art...Art teacher heaven!

On top of the Empire State Building.

I am not afraid of heights, but I under-estimated how nerve-racking it is to be up so high and also outside.  The outside thing really made me nervous!

We stopped at the famous Macy's on our way back...Shopaholic paradise!

On our last night there the Empire State Building was all twinkly for the Rangers win. :-)


Take me back!  I'm in love!
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